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Waist Trainers vs Shapewear

There are so many commercial selling shape wear and so many commercials of the various types of waist trainers circulating. So how do you decide which is best for you? Below, I've gathered a few facts to help you decide which is best to help you look your best.  According to, "Body shapewear is a piece of clothing that is put on to give others an illusion that someone has a slimmer, more toned body than they have." Shapewear can be worn underneath an outfit before going out for cocktails or heading to a book signing. It does not give any permanent results. They are for temporary usage.Additionally, the website went on to state that "Waist trainers require you...

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Who said Thick was unhealthy?

Back in January, Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels made a very broad and hurtful comment about Lizzo and other Fit, Thick ladies. The fitness lover assumed that Lizzo would get diabetes because she is overweight. Her comments ranged from (and I am paraphrasing), we shouldn't be celebrating unhealthy bodies, "there's nothing pretty about clogged arteries".  I've been deemed overweight my entire life, even at 135 pounds and running hurdles and leaving competitors in the dust. Society has a distorted image of who is healthy and who is not. Let me add that I am currently in my 40's and I have never been diagnosed with any 'unhealthy' condition. I have performed my preventive health checks with my Provider yearly since I was 19...

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