Waist Trainers vs Shapewear

There are so many commercial selling shape wear and so many commercials of the various types of waist trainers circulating. So how do you decide which is best for you? Below, I've gathered a few facts to help you decide which is best to help you look your best. 

According to Empresswaist.com, "Body shapewear is a piece of clothing that is put on to give others an illusion that someone has a slimmer, more toned body than they have." Shapewear can be worn underneath an outfit before going out for cocktails or heading to a book signing. It does not give any permanent results. They are for temporary usage.Additionally, the website went on to state that "Waist trainers require you to use them over a more extended period to get your body to mold to the shape that you're trying to achieve. While it is a longer-term solution, it does provide immediate results as well". So your body will appear slimmer while wearing your waist trainer.

For best results, it is suggested to wear your waist trainer for a minimum of 30 minutes while performing some type of vigorous activity. You can wear it while cleaning your house, walking the dog or on the treadmill. Whatever physical activity you engage in, be sure to wear your Fitt-Thickk Trainer to slim down your stomach and waist line.

I will tell you this. It is uncomfortable to wear while driving. Gurl. I was wearing my waist trainer yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen and needed to run to the store real fast. Totally forgot that I had my waist trainer on. Drove to the store, thinking "wow, why do I feel so uncomfortable. Dang, I need to wear my waist trainer longer or something, my stomach is getting out of control". Like seriously was contemplating a smaller size and everything. Did my shopping, forgot all about the discomfort during my drive, saw someone I knew and started to suck my stomach in. THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME!! Girl, you already have your waist trainer on!

A sense of pride fell over me!

I was already looking snatched.

Fast forward to the ride home and I'm like no wonder I was uncomfortable. Laughing to myself. Needless to say, I snatched that waist trainer off, with my bra when I returned home. A sister just needed some freedom in that moment.

So if you are looking to mold and slim your waistline Fitt-Thickk Trainers have the right waist trainer for you.


Happy Shopping