Who said Thick was unhealthy?

Back in January, Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels made a very broad and hurtful comment about Lizzo and other Fit, Thick ladies. The fitness lover assumed that Lizzo would get diabetes because she is overweight. Her comments ranged from (and I am paraphrasing), we shouldn't be celebrating unhealthy bodies, "there's nothing pretty about clogged arteries". 

I've been deemed overweight my entire life, even at 135 pounds and running hurdles and leaving competitors in the dust. Society has a distorted image of who is healthy and who is not. Let me add that I am currently in my 40's and I have never been diagnosed with any 'unhealthy' condition. I have performed my preventive health checks with my Provider yearly since I was 19 years old. I've never had an issue with High Cholesterol, Diabetes, High blood pressure, cancer, sleep apnea, nor kidney disease. So to say that all people who do not fit into a size 0-7 is unhealthy is highly inaccurate and off-target.

I have various friends who when you look at them and their bodies are skinny and petite who suffer from many of the categorized 'unhealthy conditions'. Appearance and pant size does NOT determine your health.

For all of you Fitt-Thickk ladies, I urge you to love your curves, love yourself and if your health has been neglected, get it together sis! And for those who are blessed to not have any ailments (other then a stiff knee or two), let's encourage ourselves and our fitt-thick sisters and flaunt them curves!


Hands on the wheel :)